JLR Full Series Technical Support

Jaguar Land rover Full Series Technical Support

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Daily Workshop Experience Based

We’ve been focusing on vehicle diagnostic coding programming service since 2003, our daily experience involved with pinpoint diagnostic, engineering system software coding programming, OEM retrofits and ECU performance upgrades.


Know How

Retrofits by our experts utilise only genuine Jaguar Land Rover parts. We just add factory-missing options to the automobile. Extras like driver assistance and convenience. Realize your Jaguar or Land Rover’s potential.


Deliver Satisfaction

Our service are OEM original diagnostic tool based, especially for dealer online login support, we serve ONLY with original tool and system, we deliver satisfaction for customers to restore your system modules and engine back to work.

Technical support

JLR Remote Support Request

JLR Remote Support

Before Starting: JLR Remote Support Notice

Please ensure that you have all of the OEM tools and system available for all dealer-based online coding programming jobs; for programming flashing updates, original dealer VCI is a MUST, also a good stable power supply is always recommended, for Jaguar and Land Rover online ECU programming, for older models use T4 Mobile+, JLR SDD, Land rover Pathfinder or TOPIx online with JLR DOIP, or we recommend the cost-effective will be use JLR Enet to work with the JLR Engineering Tool.

3 Steps to Enable Your JLR Features


JLR Engineering Tools FAQs

JET means JLR Engineering Tool, in China market we call it SX-tool (Super X). 

JET Tools we have:

  1. JET Pro
  2. JET Master
  3. JET LS – LockSmith 

The three tools below are used for different projects:

  • JET Pro = Diag + Coding with CCF Editor 4.9
  • JET Master = Diag + Coding with CCF Editor 4.9 + Programming
  • JET LS = Key Programming ONLY for Locksmith

More Information on the JET Tools:

  1. JET Pro
  2. JET Master
  3. JET LS – LockSmith 

The JET JLR Engineering Tools only work with DoIP cars, which means that they will only work with Pathfinder vehicles from 2016 to 2023. For older SDD vehicles the JET tool won’t support.

JET Tools are all DoIP based solution, so we work with below tools:

  1. JLR Enet Wifi Adapter
  2. 3in1 Auto DoIP Interface
  3. Any regular BMW Enet cable
It will, for sure. but a couple of conditions must be met:
  1. To use the original JLR DOIP VCI, you must first run Pathfinder with connection to the JLR DOIP VCI.
  2. The JET software will then talk to the JLR VCI when #1 is working.
Yes we can check internal as per reqeust.

Go to “MAIN” Menu Panel => CCF Memory choose “DADC + IGM”

We promise a full refund if our tools and softwares don’t work as described.

If we buy your JET tools, do you offer help with how to use them?

Yes We do!

Yes we will help only with:

  1. Remote Support Ticket submitted
  2. Paid 1st fix in-car support based on the ticket specific car situation. 
  3. 100% money-back guarantee if we can’t do the job in your car as agreed.

We can show you how our JET tools work in your car, but it won’t be free. You can also ask for our free demo training session at the same time. or with below options:

  1. Apply remote demo session with our bench test system
  2. Request demo license to test in your car
  3. Check our how to videos and join our JET Master Group

Yes we can.

We will provide you with a quotation for technical support based on the specifics of the ticket you submit.
The paid support during our business hours, which are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Hong Kong time. In case for some urgent case support, please book the time schedule with us before one working day. 

Yes you can pay with PayPal online secure.

Yes, you can pay online with major credit card.

We accept also:

  • Company direct bank transfer
  • Western Union
  • Payoneer
  • Wechat pay
  • AliPay