Land Rover Defender 11.4″ PiVi Pro Display Retrofit

Land Rover Defender 11.4″ PiVi Pro Display OEM Retrofit

As of 2022, Land Rover vehicles were available to consumers with the option of an 11.4-inch center screen for the infotainment system.
The display’s 11.4-inch resolution provides access to even more current data than the standard screen. Compared to conventional displays, the new large display with a curved design is 62% larger and up to three times brighter. The enlarged display area provides enhanced visibility of the route during navigation. Utilizing technology such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is considerably more enjoyable.
Despite the fact that this option was not available for models introduced in 2020 and 2021, we are able to retrofit any Land Rover Defender with an 11.4-inch screen, irrespective of the model year of your new Defender.
The factory-installed features of this automobile included a 10″ screen that operated on the PiVi Pro infotainment system.
We have prepared all the required spare parts prior to the client’s arrival so that the installation can be completed without delay. Genuine spare parts are utilized exclusively.

Multiple stages are required to complete the installation of an 11.4-inch display:

  • Disassembling and removing dashboard components from the standard PiVi Pro display
  • Screen bracket substitution
  • Connecting and verifying wires, software, and the operation of a new display
  • Subsequently, the 11.4-inch Defender display is being installed
  • Installing dashboard trim components as replacements
  • Constructing the dashboard.

The larger 11.4-inch display appears more contemporary and presentable in the Defender interior. The video demonstrating the upgrade to a larger screen is available below:


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